I had some fun today and sliced and diced my logs. I did pour it into some hoppers that fed into some software that wants to find patterns whether they are matching patterns or activity by time of day. I did it mostly because I wondered how far I could push it. How much information can you get out of someone's IP address? It turns out quite a bit. Taking an active address and analyzing patterns of how they are arranged in geography i could see someone posting at home, going to work and posting, breaking for lunch then going back to posting. These active ones I can tell how long your commute is. Domain names and IP addresses are somewhat randomly handed out but there really is close proximity find to it. If there is doubt just a few trace routes and "get all info" and the place an address resides is quickly matched to known entities.<br><br>I did this for fun and a proof of concept. It can very easily be done. I did write two scripts to automate some digestion of data but I mostly had all the tools already lying around. But really anyone with a web site to post jpgs on and access to the log file could do it. It would just take more time "by hand".<br><br>But that is the end of it. Stan doesn't reveal socks and IP addresses and I won't either. I knew that anything I do on the internet is out there. I'm an open book. I was surprised when using Google Analytics how even every single search you have ever made is recorded along with your IP address. Every [censored] cat you ever looked for. If you went to a site showing kittens you were recorded.<br><br>A learning experience. By doing this I hope I did not to make anyone paranoid about using the internet. That would not be my intention. But if you were doing something that was really ticking someone off you better hoof it down to your local library and even then you should get in the car and drive a distance because comcast at home and library will be trace routed right next to each other.<br><br><br>Aside:<br>I actually might write a paper on it. How the identity of regulatory transcription factors and how they interact can be used to unmask sock puppets on a forum. It is very interesting how similar the two are. The feedback loops are dissimilar in reasons but not results. Example. A factor X is a negative regulator of factor Y. If you see X than there is no Y about. Same with someone who posts at home and at work. If they are never in both places at once that is one explanation. The partial log I posted only showed one small increment of info that is in these things. I removed repetition to keep it down to a dull roar. But in repetition and many multiple hits one can get a very fine painting of the activity. <br><br><br><br><br>