Thanks for the info. As far as I have been able to disconcern, the Subscription program does not apply to any of Microsofts current consumer titles in the USA.<br>They have been toying with new "features" and programs to ensure a stable cash flow. Smart tags (in Win XP at least) and subscription programs both were set aside due to negative consumer reaction. I believe the subscription item in the Office v.X's license may have been from a default Microsoft license which they modified for their use and happened to contain that paragraph. Other websites have said that Microsoft's Mac unit decided not to incoporate product activation due to the additional time and manpower it would have taken to intergrate it.<br>It appears to me that since Microsoft has a deathgrip on the market they are attempting to see just how much consumers and the business market will pay through the nose.<br>Hopefully this will help hasten their inevitable downfall.<br><br>