I'm faced with a dilemma. I need to pick up a new Airport Base Station, but some are reporting much slower connections with the Rev 2 Airport base stations and their cable modems. One unconfirmed fix from a user at MacFixit's site states he called Apple support which instructed him to do a power reset on his Ti followed immediately by execution of the keyboard combination causing a zapping of his PRAM. According to this user, this solved his problem and he is happily surfing the Web at full speed. <br><br>My question to all of you already having purchased your Rev 2 Airport base stations .... are you, indeed, experiencing any connections slowdown in combination with your broadband connections, especially cable modems? Have you experienced any other issues? <br><br>The new Rev 2 Airport base stations do offer the additional Ethernet port which would be nice, but they are now are colored "iBook WHITE" as opposed to what I consider the more esthetically pleasing silver. A minor consideration at best and one I might trade for increased functionality.<br><br><br>-------------------------------------------<br>RWoelk <br>Generating 2048 bits of randomness...<br><br>Only the educated are free! -Epictetus