I found this exerpt:<br><blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr><p>As someone who cares not only about "music" (weak) but also about sound (sweet), I can finally have in iPod a convenient, portable, audiophile solution. With a Radio Shack audio patch cord (Steve, would it kill you to include the @#$$% $2 cable in the box?) I can load up an iPod with a decent CD-quality music collection (more than 100 songs in good old CD format), plug it into any stereo system, and listen to music that sounds 99.9% as good as a real CD played on that stereo system. No more lugging dozens of CDs to parties; no more foregoing the music of my choice when I travel to visit friends and family; and no more turning on the CD changer and amplifier on the second floor, running down to the first floor to relax, running back up the stairs to adjust the volume or change out a CD, etc, etc, blech. I can just plug an iPod into anything with an amp and speakers and I'm good to go. And if I want to compromise between good sound and high capacity, I can load up more than 400 mp3s encoded at 320kbps and do the same thing.<p><hr></blockquote><p>from MacOpinion<br>I found the cable to hook up to the stereo and one to hook up to speakers here.<br>Hope it helps!<br><br><br>