I've always stated 2 things:<br><br>"But for the Grace of God, go We ALL!"<br>...ain't none of us immune for disaster<br>natural or otherwise. <br><br> And that<br><br>Halburten "NO BID CONTRACTS" failed<br>in Afghanistan, Iraq, & in New Orleans.<br>I still have to wonder when people will <br>start asking for the missing BILLIONS <br>that have mysteriously "gone missing" <br>with naught ("ZERO") to show for it.<br><br>Watching the way this was handled<br>from the Blatant Crony-ism on down<br>is really unsettling to say the least.<br>To say the MOST.... well the Crooked<br>Bassturd (as in you gotta go some to<br>find anything fresh-water, any lower)<br> <br>He's the VICEUKKEN PRESIDENT of the<br>Most Powerful Nation in the WORLD'S<br>HISTORY, Directly affiliated with the<br>World's Most Powerful BUILDING <br>CONTRACTING Firm, and you mean to <br>tell me this WORLD CLASS "GO-GETTER" <br>can't get anything done? <br><br>OK, You can rant about "Insurgents"<br>but where are the "Insurgents" in N.O.<br>that are holding up the cleanup, or even<br>the reconstruction of the Levis, while<br>the locals feel secure enough to throw<br>themselves into the work to be done, <br>without fear of loosing everything yet<br>again following the next major storm.<br><br>It's starting to appear to more than "Just Me"<br>that sees that the US is much better at <br>Breaking Things than they are at putting <br>them back together.<br><br>Not much of a leap from there to: maybe <br>we should catch a clue about breaking things. <br><br>The Defenders of the Hezbol River Valley<br>("The Hezbollah") ...personally I'm still not<br>cozy using word's like "Cong" in Viet Nam to <br>demean & dehumanise the opposing forces...<br>...if for no other reason than that it makes our <br>military planners tend to underestimate them.<br>(and secondly that humans should never forget<br>that it's other human beings being killed.)<br><br>In any case, them getting the job underway<br>within so short a time just puts Haliburten's<br>blatant INACTION in more of a bad light.<br><br>Perhaps the Great Decider and Friends can use <br> a relaxing hunting expedition, during which <br>they can reflect upon the situation. y<br><br><br>...um, 'scuse the ranting...<br>I'd been away, and came back feverish and<br>bereft of my USUAL SUNNY DISPOSITION <br><br><br><br><P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Celandine on 08/30/06 01:53 PM (server time).</EM></FONT></P>