I have three airport base stations and for the most part they have worked flawlessly. Yes, they are more expensive then other wireless access points but few third party wireless access points have a built-in 56k modem and none of the others have such well designed, easily configured software as Apple's Airports. It's incumbent upon you to ensure you have the latest Airport software installed and the newer snow base stations have had at least one very important "firmware" update since being released. I suspect since you can at least get connected for a short time, your issues are software related and/ or you're not configuring it properly. It sounds like you might be on a cable modem so to resolve the MAC address you generally simply power down the base station and cable modem. Unplug your cable modem from the wall for at least 5 or 10 minutes and power up in the reverse sequence. Make sure your cable modem is DIRECTLY plugged into your Airport's WAN port and not the LAN port. This should allow the cable modem to renew it's lease on your Airport's base station MAC address instead of that on your computers.<br><br>Apple has beautifully designed troubleshooting guides on Airport as well as well written manuals for designing Airport networks. <br><br>Should your issues continue go to Apple's support site http://www.info.apple.com/ <br><br>and search for document #<br><br>106858<br><br>Let us know how you make out...<br><br>Rox<br><br>