well last sunday's web cam party was kinda fun. looking forward to the next one. Here's some information for those that want to know a little more.<br><br>-The software that is required for somebody to webcast is QT Broadcaster. This is a free download from apple. Just click the Quicktime tab and you'll see a link to download this software. You can use a firewire DV camcorder, or a Firewire webcam like the iBot (but only if you have Jag). Other devices may or may not work, like USB cameras, and most likely you'll need a driver from IOExperts to get it to work (you'll also need a driver from IOExperts for the iBot if you have 10.1.5).<br><br>- QT Broadcaster can do a one to one webcast without the need of a streamer. If you are webcasting to somebody else on the internet, you and they will need what is called a routable IP address. If your computer is connected to a router or the Airport your Mac will have what is called a non routable IP address - it will most likely be in the form of 192.168.x.x. These kinds of addresses are non routable because many computers can share the same address in this range - it's used for local area networks. <br><br>- if you have a router and want a routable IP address, the easiest way is to put the Mac in something called the DMZ. Be warned that your Mac is now exposed on the internet for anybody to poke at, so you'll want to make sure that you have file sharing turned off and such while the computer is in the DMZ. Instructions for doing this will vary from router to router.<br><br> The Streamer <br><br>- The quicktime streamer is also free from Apple, and there are several flavors available to run on OSX, Windows, Linux and other Unix boxes, as well as source code for those that know how to compile source and run.<br><br>- The streamer is like a webserver, except it handles quicktime movies, both pre-recorded and live streams that come from the QT Broadcaster.<br><br> why use a stream server? <br><br>- The stream server can handle many to many connections simultaneously. Many people can be broadcasting and Many people can be viewing.<br><br>- The stream server we used was on a plain vanilla linux server that is located in Las Vegas at Intelligent Hosting. Since this server is on the internet all the mumbo jumbo about non routable IP addresses above does not apply.<br><br>- The linux box we used has a super duper connection to the internet. It's connected to the internet with a 1gigabit ethernet card that connects up to an OC12 and OC48 (which is like literally having thousands of cable modems). For example, at the peak of our web cam party the server's connection to the internet was about 4 Mbps and the server was only using 4-5% CPU resources.<br><br> more time to play <br><br>I'll be playing around with this stuff some more. I'll try out the QT streamer on my iMac and find out more on how to get it working. Also improving the delay time would be nice.<br><br>