Yes, I did try putting it in an iMac that didn't have any airport installed, then installed 2.0 (while the card was in). I also installed the card in a second iMac that already had AirPort 1.3.1 installed, same results all over. I am going to try one more thing before I get a new card. I'm going to stick it into the iMac with 1.3.1 (the second iMac that I mentioned) and update it to 2.0. Probably won't work, but I like to do expieriments like this one.<br><br>Can I flame you in these board to? :-) LOL, J/K<br><br>--John Bailey( [color:red]Bdog</font color=red> )<br><br>Email Me! --->
John Bailey ([red]Bdog[/red])

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