Same problem here, Bdog, on my Ti 400, although, updates worked flawlessly on my two Airport base stations and two other Airport equipped Macs. I assume Tech support had you reset the PRAM and NVRAM as well as do a Power Management reset on your iBook with your Airport card installed. Neither worked for me and Apple engineering is currently working the problem. <br><br>If you have access to an Airport equipped MAC successfully post updated with the new software, you might try throwing your defective card in that MAC and resetting the PRAM AND NVRAM in the hopes that the defective card's firmware will be updated. Another poster suggested this procedure works all the time on other supposed defective third party wireless cards on the PC side. <br><br>Let us know what Apple does for you and when and if you get back up on Airport. <br><br>-------------------------------------------<br>RWoelk <br>Generating 2048 bits of randomness...<br><br>Only the educated are free! -Epictetus