Found this hint over at and it works fantastic!<br><br>Here are some screen shots of the new prefs pane, as well as the results after I added to the "don't show ads from here" area.<br><br>Here is the new Chimera "Images" Pref Pane:<br><br><br><br>Here is the results of blocking (Version Trackers Web Banner host) - notice that all the ads are gone... no waiting for ads to load!!!<br><br><br><br><br>Here are the instructions (they look harder than it really is, so don't worry about it).<br><br> 1. Download the following file: Chimera Images PrefPane<br><br> 2. Unpack/Unstuff the file so that you have a file called Images.prefPane<br><br> 3. Make sure Chimera isn't running. Right-click on the Navigator icon and "Show Package Contents"<br><br> 4. Navigate to Contents -> PreferencesPanes<br><br> 5. Copy the file Images.prefPane into this folder.<br><br> 6. Still in the Navigator package, navigate up one level and go into the Resources folder.<br><br> 7. You will need to edit two files. First open MVPreferencePaneDefaults.plist in your favorite text editor. Add the line<br><br> org.mozilla.chimera.preference.images,<br><br> Insert this line between these two lines:<br><br> org.mozilla.chimera.preference.privacy,<br>,<br><br> NOTE: Make sure each line ends with a comma. When done, the file should look like this:<br><br> (<br> org.mozilla.chimera.preference.navigation,<br> org.mozilla.chimera.preference.appearance,<br> org.mozilla.chimera.preference.privacy,<br> org.mozilla.chimera.preference.images,<br>,<br> org.mozilla.chimera.preference.webfeatures<br> )<br><br> Save the file.<br><br> 8. Now, open the file MVPreferencePaneGroups.plist which is in the same folder as the last file. Add the same line as you did before, but this time add it between org.mozilla.chimera.preference.appearance and org.mozilla.chimera.preference.webfeatures. The file should look like this when you're done:<br><br> (<br> {<br> identifier = general;<br> panes = (<br> org.mozilla.chimera.preference.navigation,<br> org.mozilla.chimera.preference.appearance,<br> org.mozilla.chimera.preference.images,<br> org.mozilla.chimera.preference.webfeatures<br> );<br> },<br> {<br> identifier = security;<br> panes = (<br> org.mozilla.chimera.preference.privacy,<br>,<br> );<br> }<br> )<br><br> Save the file.<br><br> 9. Launch Chimera, open the preferences, and you should see the newly added Images prefpane.<br><br> This is a particularly useful hint for those of you using a dialup ISP such as Earthlink, etc... But it also makes it load faster for me using my Cable Modem... I'm going to be adding a lot of servers into this baby!<br><br><br>Visit me here!
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