I've been hesitating a lot about visiting MM again, but I did. I know I cannot and will not change anything, but I had to express my feelings.<br><br>I came to Political Soapbox to find heated discussions about the conflict in the Middle East and who hit the other first. Of course most of the opinions built based on what the media broadcasts or prints, that's how they make money. Nonetheless, that does not change the fact that people are being killed in the world... Bombs? Rockets? Blood? Pain? Tears?<br><br>Does it really matter who did what to whom? What justifies death? Take off the hat of nationality, religion, ethnic group, and we're left with people.. Doesn't that break your heart? Who gave anybody the right to take a life? Is it all about possessions? Do possessions justify taking a life?<br><br>I don't want to sound like a Buddhist, but it's not worth it.. Life is too short without all that pain. Think of relatives and friends of those who died.. Forget about history, you're not obligated to follow what the people before did. Nobody is.. Why inherit faults and fight for them..<br><br>Nothing I write would scream the pain I have inside me now.. I wish I was more eloquent..<br><br>---<br>www.waleedsgallery.biz
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