I think the talk of a multinational force has to become the fact of a multinational force. Now! <br><br>Hezbollah knew full well that when it kidnapped 2 Israeli soldiers that the response would be disproportionate. It's what Israel does. A slap will get you a punch in return. A bullet will get you a grenade in return, and so on... But at this point, the argument over justification or not has to be tabled in the interest of stopping the killing. On both sides. Just because Hezbollah knew what it was doing when it provoked this mess, doesn't excuse Israel's 10-fold force policy. <br><br>Hezbollah is not going to release those soldiers any time soon. And Israel is not going to ground it's jets until they do. So the only way to protect innocent lives is to get a powerful security force in there immediately. This will not be a long-term fix. That's a bigger conundrum. But the dying has to stop now.<br><br>Does this mean I'm buying the IronChef's POV? Not a chance. Israel is not a terrorist state. But I do believe that the longer this conflict goes on, the worse it will get. For everyone.<br><br>