We will be going over my honey's sisters house in Newington, CT for dinner. This is with all my honey's family (Italians) She is an awesome cook. The dinner consists of 100 courses...haha. hor 'derves (homemade pizzas, white, potato,tomato sauce; all the Italian type of goodies such as bruschetta, roasted peppers, cold cuts, cheeses, you name it.<br>Next course is the appetizer, usually proscuitto wrapped around a slice of cantelope, giardenaire, more roasted peppers, etc.<br>Next course is the soup, usually Italian wedding soup.<br>Next course is the pasta, usually two kinds, both homemade noodles.<br>Next course is the turkey, veggies, salad, ham, etc.<br>Next course.....wait a bit, and then dessert and Espresso.<br>My stomach is hurting already!<br><br>