This is an old question, I know, I've seen previous posts, but nothing is yet working. I'm running a new 30gb pc-formatted ipod on new itunes, and I want to be able to make playlists on my ipod using the mac, and take some tunes off the mac onto the ipod.<br><br>Currently my ipod is showing as an external drive and I can load songs onto it, but I cannot view it in the itunes menu, and I cannot see the music folder in the finder.<br><br>I have tried go to folder, /volumes/youripodname/ipod_control/music but it says it can't find it. <br><br>I've also tried using some code to view the hidden files in new command in terminal - but this doesn't seem to work either, although I might be donig it wrong.<br><br>Any urgent assistance greatly appeciated - I'm supposed to have 5 hours of music set-up on a playlist by thursday night for a party and I;m gonna look like the goon I am if I can't fix it!!<br><br>Cheers,<br><br>Sam<br><br>