He mentioned the clamshell ibook in his post and I started wanting one again! So I went to e-bay and of course became completely confused! It seems color has a lot to do with price, at least that is my opinion! Lol!! The HD,s vary from 3GB,s up to 20, and all seem to be running many different os's! I have never reinstalled any kind of upgrade ,s in my life!! well what I am trying to say is what do I need to look for and what are the chances of osX running smoothly on the older models!! I would like to send the info on 2 that I like to any members here that are willing to give me thier opinion> I could use some friendly advice! If anyone is interested please pm me!! The one I like is up for 4 more days!! Thanks, I would just put the info here but don't know how to do that, and could send them by e-mail, if someone wants to help me!! I am not computer savey about HD's, mb's or MHZ lol!! And I promise if I get one and it blows up I will not blame anyone!! I saw where e-bay has a warrenty program now, and a few of the ibooks did also!! thanks!!<br><br>Lets dance!