I learned to speed read in Jr. High. Don't ask, but it was cool and I can still do it. I could read the post.<br><br>We don't read a sentence word for word for word. We "scan" the sentence and that incredible eye to brain link does the rest. That's why san serif type isn't nearly as "friendly" to the eye. The little balls and such on serif type (OK, the serifs) allow the eye to travel more smoothly over the line of text. Makes it easier to process.<br><br>But y'all already knew that. <br><br>Yuo, two, torg. Qiut kidindg aournd. If nohtnig, esle, tkae a colser look.<br><br><br><br><br> <br><br>[color:blue]Silk suit, black tie, I donít need a reason why.</font color=blue>