Basically it's Virtual PC on the intel iMac. Works great - still in beta stage. A little rough around the edges when it comes to documentation. Would be real easy to install if it came bundled with Windows like Virtual PC did. Sound card doesn't seem to work in Win98 but it looks like Win2K and better it works. The switching back and forth between Windows and OS X is a bit goofy, I'm sure they'll clean it up before release.<br><br>Installed Windows 98 SE, runs in a window, it seems pretty responsive. I like this solution better than Apple's boot camp which requires a reboot and Windows XP. Now have to dig up the Win2K disks somewhere and install Win2K. Will install Red Hat as well.<br><br>Boot camp is probably better for gaming, but for Office and business applications I think Parallels will do the job just great.<br><br><br><br>