I think the iPod sounds awesome - I haven't actually fondled one yet of course. It could do with a different name though, a friend of mine had a sty and it was very painful apparently. <br><br>The key points are:<br><br>1. Mp3 players are crap generally.<br>2. Mp3 software i.e. the transfer program - are crapola.<br>3. Mp3 headphones (even the sony ones) are garbage-arooney.<br>4. 64Megs is just not as big as it used to be.<br>5. Creative sucks.<br>6. There are no OS level music management programs for removable media (don't dare mention iomega)<br>7. USB connections only really transfer data into an Mp3 player at 2Mbps tops.<br>8. The iPod is a bargain for what it is - a 5GB firewire HD.<br>9. Lithium Polymer batteries last forever.<br>10. Quick charging.<br>11. Firewire interface - decently quick.<br><br>The product is definitely an object of desire, but here is where Apple will screw up.<br><br>1. No PC Compatibility reduces market.<br>2. No USB Option - reduces market.<br>3. High Price (relative to competition) reduces market.<br>4. 1st generation - reduces market.<br>5. Headphones are probably crap. How do I know this? Apple are crap at interfaces. The Computers are awesome, the OS's are great, but the actual ergonomic considerations are wanting. iMac screen, puck mouse, new mouse, small keyboard, new lcd's at a slant (they actually threw out their height adjustment).<br><br>I'd be lying if I said I don't want one, it's everything an Mp3 player should be. However, small market will hurt it. I don't think people will buy a Mac just because of the iPod. Other technologies might displace it e.g. Mp3 decoding minidisc players. <br><br>Overall - wicked product, well done Apple. Creative and all those other Mp3 player bozos should be prostrate before you. But it will either be phased out, develop a serious problem or be rendered redundant. I hope it does none of these things.<br><br>That was a real rant! I've got issues!<br><br>