I hate to sound esoteric, but I think the iPod might be stupid because it's too smart. I don't think most people will understand the price tag for this "fancy MP3 player." This is not unlike the Newton: too much money for a product too far ahead of its time - look how many people now pine for the Newton but weren't willing to shell out the money when it was available (including me). <br><br>I think if Apple did a better job to the general populace of making it clear that this thing is also a DATA storage unit for transporting files that aren't MP3s, they might raise a few more eyebrows and justify its price a little more. So far the commercial for it does not exploit this fact, nor does it drive home the incredible storage space to phyical size ratio. These are things I think that could help justify the $400 price tag. <br><br>For the record. I'd LOVE one of these things but for about $50-100 less. Even with all of the great achievements it's made, it's just a little bit too pricey for my blood.<br><br>