As much as I love Apple's iPod, and can't wait to have one, I have to wonder if its wise to alienate any potential MP3 player buyers who don't have a Mac?<br><br>I think the Firewire is the best part, because not only can I use this as an MP3 player, but it's also a portable hard drive! However, it Apple added a USB port to it, it would be possible to market it to a hell of a lot more people than just Mac users. So while the Mac market is a big size and the MP3 player market is a big size, I have my doubts as to the size of their overlap. <br><br>It's great for us Mac users, but wouldn't it be cool if everyone had to go buy an Apple product if they wanted the best MP3 player??<br><br>Let hear some reactions........<br><br>