My Letter to the President . . . <br><br><blockquote>Dear Mr. President,<br><br>We are fighting a global war on terror. I support you in your efforts and applaud the nearly five years you've engaged the enemy in this fight. <br><br>However, I don't agree with you on the sale of Oriental Steam Navigation Co. to Dubai Ports World. <br><br>Although security officials have thoroughly examined this sale, why put our ports in any possible risk? To me, this doesn't square with your commitment to the war on terror, and I'm asking you to reconsider your backing here. <br><br>Thank You</blockquote><br><br>I've also crafted a similar letter to my Senators and distict representative. Hopefully, we can have Congressional oversight look at this. <br><br>***********************<br>[color:red]Nice Try</font color=red>
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