I do have HDTV. And I have the coax feeding into it. Are you telling me I could be using firewire as my connection from the cable modem to the DVR?<br><br>This is giving me a brain cramp. I bet you're now going to tell me that will completely erase any digital pixelation I sometimes get.<br><br>Woah is me. I have my cable modem in the basement with RJ45 Cat5 in the walls going up to my router and Airport on the top floor (better wireless broadcast.<br><br>Over at the TV I have the coax and an RJ45 in the wall which comes up from the basement. I only use the coax the RJ45 cat5 was me thinking ahead.<br><br>Lemme think. I could put the cable modem next to the TV attached to the coax to the basement. Then Firewire direct from that to the TV and also sending RJ45 cat5 back to the basement and then back up to the router/Airport. (I have one computer hardwired to the router there everything else is wireless.)<br><br>So my question: is it worth it switching to firewire off the cable modem instead of straight coax off the street?<br><br><br><br><br>(__*__)