This according to MacRumors.<br><br>Intel Macs<br><br>The big news this year was, of course, Apple's announcement that the Macintosh will be<br>moving to Intel processors. Understandably all eyes are on this possibility at this year's<br>Macworld, despite official promises that the first Intel Macs would be shipping by mid<br>2006.<br><br>Interestingly, the first rumors and speculation about the Intel Macs came from Intel's<br>processor roadmap. Immediately following the announcement, MacCentral sources pointed to<br>Intel's upcoming low-power dual core Yonah processor as the likely candidate for the first<br>of the Intel Macs.<br><br>First actual hints at a timeframe came in November with an early report from Appleinsider<br>that the first Intel Macs would be appearing "much sooner" than mid 2006.<br><br>There has since been a flurry of disjointed rumors about various Intel Mac models<br>appearing in January -- Mac mini (Forbes), iMac (Appleinsider), iBook (ThinkSecret).<br><br>Amongst them, however, ThinkSecret appeared most confident with a report from "reliable<br>sources" that Apple is planning on introducing both Intel iBooks and Mac minis at MWSF<br>2006.<br><br>The new iBook is expected to be a widescreen model with a 13.3" screen 1280x720 screen.<br>This correlates with an earlier report from Appleinsider noting a similar 13" widescreen<br>look to the upcoming iBooks. And indeed our Buyers Guide shows that the iBooks have had<br>the longest lead time since their last update.<br><br>Meanwhile, the Mac mini is expected to evolve into a digital media hub with support for<br>DVR, an iPod Dock as well as an updated Front Row media application. We've also received<br>hints that Apple is planning on adopting Intel's Viiv platform which promises to help<br>provide much this functionality.<br><br>iPod<br><br>With back to back releases of the iPod nano and the 5G iPod before the 2005 shopping<br>season, there are few expectations for updated iPods in January.<br><br>Only the iPod shuffles are expected to be updated, but with few details on the changes.<br><br><br>iLife '06<br><br>Apple typically updates their iLife suite of applications each year at Macworld San<br>Francisco. This year appears to be no different after a small mistake on Apple's website<br>Thursday morning. Apple's site revealed links to iLife '06 as well as a new application<br>called iWeb.<br><br>There's been very little information about upcoming iApps from Apple this rumor season,<br>but Appleinsider claims that the new application will be a Web design application with<br>"easy drag-and-drop capability for a variety of Web-optimized content and media types."<br><br>Other?<br><br>There has been surprisingly little buzz about brand new products from Apple. One<br>potentially interesting rumor of an Airport Express for Video appeared in early October<br>and was coupled to an accurate report of the 5G iPod. Though no further rumors about this<br>product have since surfaced, it would fit in conveniently with a media center Mac mini.<br><br>Finally, Appleinsider also reported that Apple is planning new iPod "companion" products<br>-- one of which will be an iPod Boombox unlike "anything Apple has released in the past". <br><br>