Well someone hadda say it and it might as well be me. I like the concept. A lot.<br><br>As an art director, I see serious merit in this thing. It's like having my Wacom tablet with me wherever I go (and my desktop) but without the wires. That's a very cool thought and it's the first really useful laptop I can imagine for someone like me.<br><br>Not being a touch-typist, and having resigned myself to hunting and pecking, I really could care less if it didn't have a keyboard. But it does. So I can hunt and peck til the chickens come home to roost.<br><br>And I could care less if the implementation of the handwriting recognition software is less than perfect, because I can read my scrawl even if the software can't.<br><br>What it can do is let me scamp concepts straight into the machine and save them and let me flick through them and delete them and convert them and even email and print them. That is bloody marvelous. I'll never have a Sharpie Ultra-Fine dry up on me ever again, I can work anyplace and present anyplace, and when I get the time I can play games or surf the 'net.<br><br>The handwriting recognition thing is a bonus if they ever get it to work.<br><br>All I can say is get the price down $500 and slap an Apple logo on it and I'm there.<br><br>