So broken. So ignorant. So lost. So yours.<br><br><br>How many trillions?<br>Like a parasite.<br><br>Scratch the surface!<br><br>Sick Of It All <br>Scratch The Surface<br>Scratch the surface serve a purpose<br>scratch the surface don't waste my time<br><br>Such empty life Such simple sheep night after night<br>herd to the creeps all hidden faults beauty is null<br>such shallow sight barely skin deep<br><br>What is the force that drives the superficial<br>tell me what keeps their minds remaining little<br>so afraid of what they'd see underneath the fantasy<br>so afraid to actually scratch the surface.<br><br>All mirrors hide Big money lies faillure inside<br>big lying eyes that's maybe why eyes are the soul<br>they take so much time big dollar signs<br><br>Impeach, save the Earth. And your wallet.