So I take a break and spend time doing other things and thought I would come back here and share our great news about the house selling.<br><br>Of course someone, who doesn't have the balls to post as themselves, uses a name they registered and posts a totally insensitive post. <br><br>No attack was made by me or anyone else in my thread..yet this jackass decides to play sockpuppet and post something like that.<br><br>Yeah..welcome back to MacMinute. Things haven't changed. I can probably guess who it might be that posted that and I hope that Stan gets my email and does something about it. <br><br>Sure sure...I'm sure 2 or 3 people will make some post either here or in a new thread saying that I'm this and that or whatever...but the fact remains that what was posted in my thread was beyond good taste.<br><br>
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