Alright, so I've got a small paper due in the morning on harmful stereotypes in the advertising media. I'm thinking I'll do mine on white trash. I've already got the two examples I need (The Dukes of Hazard and Joe Dirt), but I was hoping for something a little better.<br><br>So, can anyone think of anything relatively current in the mass media that portrays white trash in a steroetypical fashion? Sorry if it seems like I'm asking you guys to do my homework (believe me, I'm not), [sucking up]but I just thought that if I got the great minds of MacMinute together on something, I might get some good results[/sucking up]. And besides, I'm getting a late start and cant find any examples that really grab me.<br><br>I'm sure this'll degrade into debauchery within two hours.<br><br>