A friend of mine is having problems in exporting iMovie documents to DV tape. He's a really great film maker (has had several films shown at the MoMA), and is trying to work via digital editing now. He bought an iMac (in part on my recommendation) in order to learn. What happens is that at some point in the export process, the sound gets a kind of hiccough, as if the sound dies out for an instant and then picks up again. It doesn't happen on playback in iMovie itself, just when the film is exported.<br><br>He's done the following to try to solve the problem:<br><br>1) Virtual Memory is off;<br>2) Sound Track Control Panel is set to none;<br>3) Sound level on clips is set at less than maximum;<br>4) Anti-virus is off (in fact, the iMac is not connected to the net, so he has no anti-virus software on the machine at all);<br>5) 100 MB of RAM allocated to iMovie (he's got a total of 192 MB of RAM).<br><br>He's running 9.1 on the iMac, and has iMovie 2.1.1. All the extensions are up to date.<br><br>Any help would be greatly appreciated.<br><br>By the way, he does have Final Cut, and ultimately wants to learn to use that software, but is really eager to work through iMovie because it's a consumer-level product, and he wants his students to be able to afford to use software.<br><br>And that's true too.--Shakespeare, King Lear
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