<br><br>A little boy is riding his bicycle on the sidewalk past a Priest. Suddenly, the front wheel falls off and the little boy falls to the ground.<br>"Well, Goddamned!" the little boy shouted.<br>"No my son!" says the Priest. "You're supposed to ask the Lord to help you!"<br>"Fine!" the little boy says, and begins to pray...<br>"Dear Lord, the front wheel on my bicycle keeps falling off. Please help me."<br>In no time at all, the front wheel rises off the ground all by itself, fastens itself the the front fork of the bicycle, and tightens the nuts securely, ending with the bike rising up with the kickstand mysteriously engaging. There the bike stood on it's kickstand perfectly repaired.<br>The Priest says, "Well, Goddamned!"<br><br><br><br>