I came from Boston to this to this town in ’98. Within months, I had decided that I could never live anywhere else again. This place can do that to you. Then, a year and a half ago I moved to Boca Raton for personal reasons. Career-wise (and financially) it proved to be a bad decision. So last July, back to NYC I came, full of optimism and enthusiasm. Manhattan would fix whatever was broken.<br><br>Not so, it turns out. In the year I was gone, I lost too much momentum, and haven't gained the traction needed to recover that momentum. To make matters worse, the cost of living had risen another 6% since I last lived here. <br><br>It was time to make important decisions. It was time to go home: where we have family; where I still have a strong professional network and very promising business prospects; and where a really nice apartment can be had for literally 50¢ on the NY dollar! <br><br>So this Sunday, we’re moving back to Boston. I was up there a couple of weeks ago for interviews and was amazed at how Boston has changed, and how it’s stayed the same. And even more amazed at how excited I was to be in a place I thought I had permanently dissed 7 years ago.<br><br>I’ll be offline between Sahtiday and Toozday ahftanoon, but will be bahk with my Bahst’n accent. <br><br>