I believe it'll be proven that there was a great deal of information selection and distortion. Just enough to make a salient case for war, and squeezed over the transom just before enough fact became available to allow a reversal of direction.<br><br>Of course Bush is counter-attacking now (I stayed outta that thread cuz my foul weather gear is at the dry cleaner ). His back is to the wall, and I don't think he has the contritian gene. I'm not gonna say he lied outright. But rather, IMHO, he saw what he wanted to see. Heard what he wanted to hear, and filtered out the rest. For those that went along with his agenda, some did so willingly and are just as loath to admit they were wrong. Others probably did so thinking they had no other choice - politically speaking, that is.<br><br>How badly will he get burned going forward? Will he attempt to reverse the damage? How many dents has he put in the GOP's paint? Will enough damning information bubble to the surface that he might be forced to resign before his term is up?<br><br>Only The Shadow* knows... <br><br><br><br><br><br><br>*Rove <br><br>