Gr8 - <br><br>I think the drive will work, but requires an adapter to the 50 pin SCSI on your MoBo(a 5mbps for external and a 10 mbps for internal). Never did it, my 8500 has two 50 pin drives inside and a 25 GB ATA in an external FireWire box for more space.<br>Don't expect more than a 10-15% over the processor's rated speed. I think production of PPC chips is low enough volume to sort by speed.<br>I have a G3-400 running at 454/227 in an 8500 and a pair of G4-500's at 550/275 in my duallie.<br>The 8500 is kinda on the hairy edge. It's functional, but not nearly as solid and crash-free as the G4. Maybe the new RAM I have for it will help. Just received 4- 128MB EDO stix for the 8500.<br><br><br>Did you exchange a walk-on part in the war<br>-for a lead role in a cage?