OK ...I have quite a few home movies that I have saved on my HD as full-quality DV files. In short, I want to know what the best way to compress them to conserve space, but retain really high quality. First off, I'm not looking to use H.264. I have decided I want to use MPEG4-Improved for several reasons. <br><br>1. It encodes about a bazillion times faster than h.264. <br>2. I can import them into MP4 iMovie projects without having to wait for them to be converted again. (biggest reason) <br><br>If I use MPEG4-Improved, what are the best settings to keep the file as close to the original as possible, but still be worth compressing. I've looked all over the web for data rates, but can only seem to find them for h.264 ...which says a good data rate for 640x480 is between 1000-2000kbps ...what is a good rate for MPEG4-Improved? When I click around in the QT boxes a number of 6400kbps pops up in the bitrate field. I googled it and found that MPEG2 at 6400kbps is DVD quality ...what would be the equivalent of that in MPEG4?<br><br>Also, are there any lossless codecs in the list? If so, I may be interested in using that instead. <br><br>I also tried Apple Pixlet ...wasn't impressed with the results. <br><br>Thanks for any help!<br><br>