I'm stumped.<br><br>My youngest has brought home an LC580 which has been biffed by the school. Now, just for old times sake, I tried to fire it up but all I see is the diskette/questionmark icon, so the disk isn't formatted (or is kaput). If I can get a boot diskette for the wee beastie, I'll see if there's a disk problem and if not I'll try to install OS 7.x on it.<br><br>Now, that's a bit of a problem as there are no disks with it, and this machine has no cd drive so it must be booted from a floppy.<br><br>Does anyone know how I can get the necessary files onto a diskette? I sure don't.<br><br>It'll be fun to get it going and maybe I can find some of those old games and programs we used to run way back then <br><br>So, anyone who can offer a suggestion or two, it'll be most welcome. <br><br>Cheers,<br>M1.<br><br>