I posted the Rude Pundit's take on the photo as a point of comparison to Bryan's "HAHAHAHAHA Delay should be giving the finger" post. Notice a big to denote the post. The whole thing is pretty ridiculous, and in that I find humor, not 'glee'. I think the Pundit and Bryan have the same point of view that Delay's contrived smiling mugshot is a big FU to his accusers. <br><br>Personally, I don't think I've expressed any "hatred" as you so lovingly like to accuse all of us of. Unless, of course, you probably see 'hatred' in this . And I didn't post a personal attack aimed at Bryan or you. <br><br>What nonsense it is to go around on this forum accusing everyone of "hatred" if we believe your faithful political heroes to be crooks. It looks to be very likely that the law may support our point of view.<br><br><br><br><br>