I have been having some serious debates on what, if anything, I should get.<br><br>I currently have a G4/500 powermac that is loaded. But I have been thinking that I don't really do much on it that puts much demand on it. And when I go out to take pics and go visit someone, I really wish I had a laptop. <br><br>So..I have been thinking of the new iBook...800mhz one, either 12 or 14 inch screen. With the 32MB card in it, it should run OSX pretty damn good..and this site http://www.powermax.com has trade-in's. As a whim, I asked them and they offered $1039 for mine (G4/500, 1GB ram, superdrive, ATI Radeon 8500 card, 120GB 7200rpm HD, internal zip) and am very tempted.<br><br>Questions I have...would I be totally stupid to "downgrade" to a G3? And, would I be dumb to switch from a desktop to a laptop for main computer? <br><br>As I don't do hardly any actual "work" on this..the iBook is very tempting cause I would love to take it with me wherever I went. <br><br>I know it would be hard for you all to say what I need..but in your opinion, what do you think?<br><br>
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