Not for the squeamish<br><br>Anyone know how long it takes for fingernails to grow in?<br><br>I managed to hurt myself pretty good last night - I was finishing up dinner prep - in a hurry chopping scallions and forgetting to tuck my fingertips under - having a slight difference of opinion about about how each of us voted on a particular state referenda from Tuesday's ballot - (see - I do discuss politics sometimes) - and the next thing I know the menu's been changed to Leslie sashimi. My reaction time was good - got pressure on it right away but I had to get my hubby to look how much of my finger I had left behind on the cutting board - without him going into shock - cause he does that very easily. Anyway - long story short - I very cleanly had sliced off most of my index fingernail. Not too bloody but it hurts like a you-know-what today. How long is going to be before I get my nail back and is there anything I can do to help the process along?<br><br><br><br>(If you notice a change in the number of typos in my posts for a while - now you know why.)<br><br>owie... *sniff, sniff, whimper* <br><br>