in response to the summary of Bush's administration:<br><br>Yes, that is all true, but the large portion of people will not respond to such a list or Bush would have never been re-elected in the first place. The more points you sling together in one place, the more people who have some respect for Bush and his office will just assume you are piling all this on because you hate Bush from the get-go as opposed to hating him for the reasons you state.<br><br>Yes, years (hopefully months) later, maybe you can feel exonerated when the wheels finally do come off, and you'll have your standing record here and wherever else you are trying to make a difference. But meanwhile, you are not winning any hearts and minds with anger and diatribe. Believe me, I constantly feel like letting off a huge diatribe against Bush et al., and I don't think I could put it all as succintly as you do, but if that is just going to cause people to discount me, what's the point?<br><br>And yes, Steve keeps himself on the fence more than most people who post here (and being on the fence with such dynamic issues can inadvertantly make one appear inconsistent at times), but he defends that position well, and it would certainly be less interesting if he were just another player firmly to the left or right, firmly hating or loving Mr. Bush.<br><br>Sorry if my two cents is out of place..<br><br>We are what we repeatedly do. -Aristotle
We are what we repeatedly do - Aristotle