By "degree" you mean "decibels", yes?<br><br>What you won't slow down long enough to see is that it's all coming home to roost now. Between the recent revelations about the war in Iraq and the Katrina meltdown, the truth is starting to dog him like Pinocchio's nose. Just look at his approval rating. El Tank-O! And his new-found contrition -- act or fact -- is most certainly too little too late.<br><br>Between screaming rabidly at the neocons, and sticking your fingers in your ears and making lalalalalalalala sounds when you don't like what you hear, you're missing the wheels come off all by themselves.<br><br>I'm not promoting complacency, nor am I dismissing the global mess he's made. But I am suggesting that now is the time for reason. Now is the time to say, "See? I told you there was a problem." without getting in everyone's face. Now is the time to bolster credibility and not frighten the emerging converts away with such [here's that word again] hysterics.<br><br>What I'm trying to say in a nice way is that now you can<br>SITDOWNandSHUTUPsoWECANWATCHtheENDoftheSHOW!!!<br><br>*whew!*<br><br><br>