I'm not joking. No one has said that the state requests of the federal governenment before the storm made landfall were not in order. The requests were in order. All the proper paper was filled out and filed.<br>Some may argue that there should have been more requests made before the storm made landfall but that is a different point.<br><br>Hard to make the request for busses to evacuate people from the Superdome on the Saturday before landfall.<br><br>As to the second point. I see, now. All you need is enough people to claim something is true in order for it to become true.<br><br>Again you have bought into the MSM meme that all this (feeding and hydrating people at the Superdome) was FEMA's responsibilty. Do you know this for a fact, a real legal fact?<br>One real fact is that the state of Louisana turned the Red Cross away from the Superdome, not FEMA. These people could have been fed and hydrated far earlier had the governor requested the proper number of troops to police NO, the superdome and the convention center.<br>What gave Scarborough the expectation that FEMA should be there within 6 days? Previous experience with a FEMA response?<br>Again, FEMA supports the states efforts unless the state gives up its rights. If the state doesn't sign off its rights and also has no effort itself to coordinate with then response will lag.<br><br>You seem to think I'm saying FEMA is blameless. I'm not, I'm just saying the stuff currently being blamed on FEMA is, as of yet, without any real foundation. Over the next couple of months we'll find out how FEMA could have responded faster.<br><br>Actually this is probably going to backfire against people again.<br>Bush is going to say, "Yes, I'm responsible and I will fix this." Then institute a sort of "Disaster Patriot Act" where by when a disaster is immenant then the Feds will just come in and take over the state, walking all over states rights.<br>Be careful what you wish for.<br><br>