'...the states make of the federal government in anticipation of a disaster were in order. No one really has disputed that fact.'<br><br>you must be joking <br><br><br>"... your personal feelings on how fast it should have been?<br><br>Yes, as well as the President's statements that the response was inadequate. As well as the media covering the story. As well as every person I've talked with who witnessed the events on live TV. When you have hard right pundits like Joe Scarborough asking for 6 days in Biloxi "Where's FEMA?", or for days watching people dehydrate and suffer in New Orleans and the Mayor and Senators and Governors asking "Where's FEMA?" when they were told relief was coming. When I stayed up late at night listening to New Orleans talk radio and hearing from the people there what was not happening to help them, and yet the Mayor made an official announcement of S.O.S. because aid was not arriving... Yes, all that effects my personal feelings on how fast the response could have been for a known emergency in which the President said he took "extraordinary" steps to prepare for ahead of the storm. <br><br><br>"a general request for help and then FEMA just sends everything they got."<br>When authority is given to FEMA to coordinate the response, yes, I believe it is up to them.<br><br>