It's just a matter of degree & direction.<br><br>I'm just not so ready to let the worm off'n the hook that easy.<br>This isn't 'Sesame Street', or 'Mr. Rogers' Neiborhood' where<br>Georgie sez "I Sohwee" and we makes like it never happened.<br><br>This is a grown up world, and people are really dead!<br>His half hearted/half assed pseudo-apology is unacceptable!<br><br>And ...must I remind you, (again) that I'm not just talking about<br>the bloated corpses STILL bobbing in the deep south;<br>I'm talking about getting lied to, and dragged into an illegal war<br>that has set us at odds with friend & foe alike. I'm still talking<br>about and the people left rotting in prisons Without DUE PROCESS<br>"rendered out" to countries where anything goes to die horrendous <br>deaths, at the hands of sadists trained by our so-called-friends.<br><br>I'm talking about millions of Americans living "on the edge",<br>without access to affordable prescription drugs or medical coverage, <br> major illness away from having their life snuffed out, and<br>having every thing they've ever worked for snatched away from <br>them, ...with no "safety net" to catch them WHEN they fall.<br><br>The threat of Home Heating Fuel rising by 31%-73% come Winter.<br>Mercenary Troops called in, and more being trained on American soil.<br><br>This whole administration hasn't just been "Just ONE Screw-Up" <br>~ IT'S BEEN ONE LONG UN-WAKING NEVER-ENDING NIGHTMARE ~ <br><br>...and it has to come to an end. ...It HAS To.<br><br>Hysteria? <br>What can I say, besides... <br><br><br><br><br>[color:green]"...or am I a butterfly that's dreaming she's a woman?"</font color=green>