This document enumerates very specific things that were requested.<br>You seem to be under the impession that the way this whole thing works is that there is a general request for help and then FEMA just sends everything they got.<br><br>For good or bad that is not how it works and I think many are under that impession. The local goverment makes requests of the state and then the state makes requests of FEMA or other federal agencies. The delcarations of emergency on the federal and state level just legally releases these resources but doesn't give FEMA carte blanc to just start sending busses to the Superdome or troops into downtown New Orleans these things must be requested or alternatly the state signs a document saying basically "We give up, you do everything". Then FEMA takes over completely and no longer needs requests from the state. Otherwise FEMA is there to support the state effort.<br><br>Also I didn't say she screwed up the request. The request was fine but it wasn't for troops and busses. At least not the requests detailed in this document.<br><br>Saying "The Congressional Judiciary committee says Blanco did things right." is a most simplistic analysis of this complex issue.<br>Because all it really says is that the normal boilerplate requests the states make of the federal government in anticipation of a disaster were in order. No one really has disputed that fact.<br>The ongoing debate is how things were handled after the the hurricane had passed. And this document does not address the assistance that was needed for AFTER the storm haad passed.<br><br>Also the FEMA response was delayed in comparison to what, your personal feelings on how fast it should have been?<br><br>