CRS-5<br>Clearly states Emergency assistance requested for New Orleans.<br><br>Blanco's emergency request also included..."and supplementary Federal assistance is necessary to save lives...""..specifically requested Federal assistance.." <br><br>CRS-6<br>The President authorized FEMA to coordinate...<br><br>I don't get it, the nonpartisan judiciary lawyers find that Blanco did things right in her requests for Federal assistance, and you still say she f*cked up. The question is whether Blanco did what was required of her, and the legal answer is yes. Fox and Mehlman and Rush can go on blaming Blanco regardless of this proof. I don't expect anything could be to be presented that may make you change your opinion.<br><br><br>FEMA screwed up. Blanco did what she was required to do, The President said the federal response was in adequate. Yesterday the president took responsibility for the Fed's failure to adequately respond. The Congressional Judiciary committee says Blanco did things right. <br><br><br>Is Blanco to blame for delayed FEMA response in Mississippi too?<br><br>to be continued.<br><br>