No it doesn't.<br><br>Neither CRS-5 or CRS-6 says either of those things. Are you really reading the same document I am?<br><br>The only time the word "evacuating" (or a derivitive thereof) appears on CRS-5 is when the area of disaster is defined. Included in the definition is the parishes "accepting the thousands of citizens evacuating from the areas expected to be flooded..."<br>The second and thrid time is this sentence:<br>"A State of Emergency (my note: this refers to the governor's issued state of emergency, not the federal declaration of emergency) has been issued for the State in order to support the evacuation of the costal area in accordance with our state evacuation plan..." <br><br>And again of CRS-6 the word evacuation is only mentioned when defining the disaster area as in (paraphrasing) "the disaster area includes parishes excepting the evacuees".<br><br>It is true it says FEMA can coordinate all disaster relief efforts but that doesn't mean they are required to or must take over the efforts. A big difference.<br><br>Seriously I don't see anywhere in that document where it says "Governor Blanco requested full evacuation assistance from the Federal government in addition to the activating the state plan. ref".<br><br>Again I'm not saying things didn't go wrong or slow but this document doesn't further that debate.<br><br>