Thanks for demonstrating that you've distorted your own reality field, and that you are so distracted by your emotions that you are not paying attention to what anyone else says.<br><br>Please show me where I have "supported" Bush or his administration in the past year. Please provide links -- even one will do -- to statements I've made in "support" of Bush. Please prove to me and anyone else reading these threads that I'm pleased with what the Bush Admin has done to this country.<br><br>Only, please spare me the "eroded civil rights" line. The world has changed. The U.S. has lost it's claim to "NIMBY", and some small sacrifices have to be made now and then. Parts of the Patriot Act are objectionable on a before and after basis. But on balance, I'd still rather live here than any place else in the world.<br><br>So then... got links? Or can you accept the fact that it's possible to be anti-Bush without imploding from pesonal hatred.<br><br>