Talk about SPLITTING HAIRS!<br><br>"I take responsibility" not the same as "I fukked up"? PR motivation or not, it's still beats the heck out of total avoidance. And if anything, it's finally an acknowledgment that the buck indeed stops with him.<br><br>It doesn't undo the damage, but I'll take it until all the information is in. But I guess you won't be satisfied 'til he publicly disembowels himself with a rusty fork! And then you'll probably want to shoot the buzzards that snack on his carrion, too.<br><br>We all want to know who screwed up. When, how, and most importantly, why, so it doesn't happen again. Lynching before the indictments are even handed down will solve nothing.<br><br>In case you're wondering, this is an example of why I used that "H" word that you took exception to a few days ago.<br><br>