Ramdan is less than 5 hours away, and we’re all excited about it. Ramadan is a lunar month that Muslims worldwide fast from dawn to sunset throughout its days.<br><br>Working hours change in Ramadan, mine are 9:30 - 15:30 instead of 8:30 - 5:30<br><br>Fasting is required for those who are 10 years old and on.. Those who are travelling, ill or can not fast can invite a poor person for a meal for every day they miss fasting, or can fast it later after Ramadan.<br><br>After Ramadan we celebrate “Eid” for 3 days. Kids have a blast in those days because they get to receive gifts from everybody, and we get a blast because it's an official holiday.<br><br>Let me walk you through a day of Ramadan:<br><br>04:00 We all wake up and have a light snack we call “Sohoor” since we must start fasting at dawn prayers.<br>04:40 Dawn prayers and fasting starts. It’s preferable to stay up reading Quran till sunrise, which is roughly an hour later.<br>11:40 Noon prayers.<br>14:45 Afternoon prayers.<br>17:10 Sunset prayers, and fasting of the day ends with a meal we call “Fotoor”.<br>19:10 Evening prayers, followed by optional prayers called “Taraweeh”.<br><br>Some other habits:<br>- The exchange of food items for “Fotoor” between neighbors.<br>- The invitation of friends and relatives over for “Fotoor”<br>- Making a public meal for those who can not afford one near the main mosque of every neighborhood. Almost everybody in the neighborhood contributes in that public buffet.<br>- Visiting friends and relatives after the evening prayers.<br><br>And now to answer some question.. <br><br>
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