August 30, 2005. The damage to lives and property by Katrina keeps getting worse and worse as the news reports come in tonight. This storm and it's path has been in the news for at least five days now. Our president did offer a soundbite on the tarmac today in Arizona on his way to a fundraiser. Then to California for a photo op "Town Hall" meeting on Medicare, then to Coronodo Island for another GOP fundraiser.<br><br>Today was a day of national crisis. All over America people were focused on the unfolding tragedy. The lose of life, The impact to our economy. The billions of dollars in damage. And when I read the news and see our president not focused on the disaster, I think it's shameful. <br><br>Possibly hundreds of Americans died or are dying today because of Katrina, and Bush is out and about on Airforce One skipping across states raising money and charming his way through photo ops. I think he could have rescheduled, it would just seem more respectful. <br><br><br><br><br>To one participant, Margaret Cantrell, 82, Mr. Bush insisted that while her Social Security benefits might be secure, she needed to worry about the program's survival for future generations.<br><br>"Your great-grandkids need to worry about it," Mr. Bush said.<br><br>"I don't have any," Ms. Cantrell said.<br><br>"Well - you might," Mr. Bush replied.<br><br>link<br><br>