In preperation for my trip to Japan, I'm looking at what gear I have and don't. For the kind of traveling around, not just flying, I need a lot of versatility, and I didn't have anything that would fit the bill. <br><br>After looking around I finally decided on the Eagle Creek Explorer.<br><br><br>It's got a smaller pack for day trips while the bigger bag holds clothes and such that can stay in the room. It comes with a cover bag that the whole shabang fits into and it looks like a duffelbag. <br><br>I'm pretty pleased with it, though I have some concerns about security. <br>I've been looking at the Pacsafe 120<br><br>The upside is that it does secure your bag from more than a simple slash and grab. But some people have the opinion that it screams 'I have valuable stuff inside'. It would keep it safe from the airport baggage handlers, unless they put it aside for a later time when they can spend more time on it. I know theft by these guys was pretty bad at one time. I don't know if it's changed with all the terrorists security going on.<br>I haven't decided about it yet. I'll be staying in bed & breakfasts, called a ryokan.<br><br>and from everything I've read, it is extreamly rare for anything to go missing while staying at one of those. <br><br>I don't know if it's over kill or not. I'll be taking my camera, travelers checks or cash, iPod, maybe a loptop. <br><br>I also got a Manfrotto mini tripod for the camera. It feels much more solid than the tube aluminium ones I looked at. It's not as light but I trust my camera with it more.<br><br>Another thing I'm considering is the best way to store the pictures I'll be taking. My friend is taking his laptop so he can download his photos to it. I don't know if I want to subject a laptop to that much traveling. If the harddrive takes a bounce, bye bye pictures. <br>Anyone have some thoughts on this?<br><br>Any other gear you might think of?<br><br>